What makes you, YOU ?

Do you feel beautiful on the inside? 

In this world there is such a focus on what we see on the outside – there’s consistent judgement of how we look and the ways we move. The presence of judgment is dominant and social media plays a large role in feeding power towards it.  I’ve found that it’s very easy for me to get stuck looking at others posts, seeing their beautiful Instagram stories or perfectly edited posts. And I don’t believe I’m alone in this habit! It sometimes can feel easier to sit and scroll than to turn the phone off and get work done! And I truly would deem this as habitual for all of us with access to the social media world! We can be so wrapped up in the online world, our reality may get blurred. The way we see ourselves can be altered as if our eyes aren’t seeing as clearly as before. You may be much more inclined to automatically think about the things you wish you could change or improve on yourself – rather than saying anything nice at all. What I’m trying to say, is – with such focus on our exterior form, I always like to find confidence in the true strength from the inside, instead.   I wanted to create this blog post to start a discussion, something very simple – but important! 

What do you love about who you are? 

None of the external aspects like we are used to, I’m asking what makes you you? Are you caring? Funny? Encouraging to others? Creative? What makes you you, and what makes you feel confident about yourself?

If you struggle to answer, think about how others might view you and go from there.  I guarantee someone thinks with admiration for you – whether you know it or not. Even if you have your own blog on this site, your readers will already have their opinions and I bet you have already made some beautiful impressions. 

I like to see the people in this world, as if we all are wearing a different pair of glasses. Some see things differently, through their own prescription – from their own perspective. Some lenses may be darkened, due to experiences or troubles. Others may be brighter, and others may be just in between. Not everyone will think highly of us individually, but that’s because they have their own set of glasses on – and that’s less to do with who you are – and more to do with who they are. In this post, if you can get behind my odd glasses’ symbolism!  I’m asking about your glasses – through your lenses, your eyes – what do you see in yourself? 

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post, I hope you found it interesting and enjoyed some of my words! Please do discuss in the comments if you have anything you’d like to say on this post! I truly appreciate you reading my blog. If no one has told you today – take time to give yourself and those you love some praise and care. Love Maria x

How to feel connected to the world around you?

The trees and their leaves work around their clock, that continues to tick even when the world around us seems to stop. Through tears, good moments and even fear– the leaves keep on falling and wear their colours – every single year. Nature doesn’t stop and its gift keeps on giving. It shows us everything can be beautiful – if we open our eyes and keep on forgiving. Forgive and move like this earth does for us, every day and every single moment. Nature knows that some have been unkind, but for peace in life – is to not hold onto opponents. The sunlight beams and the wind gently hums, hoping to help brighten dark souls and to touch the numb. When we feel weighed down and like any bad has won –remember. Nature continues just for us and each day the sunlight will come. 

Written by me

The poem I have written, for me shows us how much the outside has to offer us. How much it inspires and comforts us. Yesterday, I really wanted to be creative and feel this comfort myself, so I had a walk outside and took my camera with me, trying to find things that I could capture. I found this was hardly a hard job as I find beauty in lots of things and nature does all the work. I thought about how to write this post and how it would come across to readers. I know how I view the world around me but I also know how shut off I can sometimes feel.

It’s very normal for us to all forget what’s outside and open our eyes wider when we are trying to move forward; wearily peering through each day. When things get too much we can sometimes cover our eyes and shelter away hoping to keep the bad moments at bay. What can happen here, is we close ourselves to what’s around us. This could be people – friends, family and like the focus of this post – the outdoors. In a post I have written called sunlight show, I speak about similar emotions and if you do find yourself feeling low I highly recommend you have a little read. Yesterday, even with the cold breeze, I felt warm by seeing all the colours all over the ground. I couldn’t help taking pictures of different leaves that stood out to me, or focusing on the trees silhouettes and the colours shining through from the sun.

This post isn’t to preach that going outside can fix everything, but it is always surprising to me how much it can truly help. You don’t need a camera or any technology in your hands, just keep your eyes open, feel more and listen more – allow yourself to explore around you in whatever way you are able to. This could even be your back garden! Focus on the small details, the smell of the dirt that day, how cold do you feel? Are there any weeds that are appearing through the cracks on the floor or walls? These sorts of questions can pop in your thoughts and I encourage you to find the answers! I try to practice this at times of stress or anxiety as its something that I can consistently look back on when I go back indoors. I can remember the sensations of outside and that in itself makes me feel more grounded. Having this slight connection to nature is important to me and I would recommend it to anyone.

To note, I absolutely understand that going outside and enjoying things isn’t as easy for everyone as it seems on this post. But I know from experience how important it is to feel connected and I think we all should have our own outlets that allow this feeling of connection.

What do you do that makes you feel connected and grounded? In the comments I would love to discuss this!

I hope you love these pictures as much as I do and I hope you enjoyed reading this blog that details how I feel with nature and some of my words! If you haven’t heard it today, remember to take time for you – Love Maria x

Sunlight show – words by me

Sunlight Show

As the sunlight dances over the surface of my desk, I find myself fascinated with the warmth that glows from outside. It’s a cold noon with frost on the tip of its tongue, with so much to say and so much warmth to give. However, I am aware that this season often sinks some of us. The colours lose their vibrancy and the diamonds lose their shine. The darkened nights can be almost too much to bare; as the darkness often comes hand in hand with stillness. In the still, thoughts run faster and the mind feel heavier. Fingers lace together grasping at hope as depression pushes down further. I understand the struggle of trying to keep your hands up when your shadow tugs them down. As the sun performs for us each day, this to me is a part of beauty – but in others beauty – some find pain. My heart aches for those who think of leaving during an intermission, those who no longer wish to stay for the full show. With coldness outside, I wish everyone saw light the same. A beacon of hope that can peer through the sky, even when thick with clouds in its way. A light so bright and golden, it beams over the darkest of corners. That light is for you, please find it. I promise you it’s not too far.  If you feel you’re sinking and you are struggling to keep your hands up, please know – that one day when they’re held up, you’ll hold them high, so high that the warmth from that small strip of light glistening through your window and sparkling around the room –  will shine onto your hands and finally let you glow.  

One day you’ll feel as warm as the sun

Love Maria x

Mental health and Yoga

How can Yoga help with mental health?

When your world feels like fragile glass, breakable at just one touch – you may not feel the urge to get up and move about. Especially not if it involves stretching and bending to wind yourself up into odd shapes. Your eyes may feel weighed down by a familiar thick cloud of sadness, and the idea of closing them to meditate in a seated Sukhasana pose – may just tempt those tears to fall. Breathing may feel difficult because you are anchored down with anxiety even when you’re sat still. So, the thought of getting up and moving, already makes you feel exhausted. What if all of these feelings are ok? What if just the motion of feeling – could be your way of healing. Yoga is a way to connect the mind and body, a way to balance out any of the stresses you may feel on your shoulders. Not only will yoga soothe your muscles, strengthen your body and your core, it also strengthens your mind. 

The body and mind should work together, and it’s incredibly beneficial to allow them to harmonise. The movements are meant to connect the breath, mind and body together, so you flow as one. If you feel an intense pressure of anxiety – grounding your body to the floor may help you more than you would think. Allow yourself to feel the heaviness in your mind and present that feeling whilst on the yoga mat. I mentioned the word ‘grounding’, and this such an important word when discussing mental health. Grounding is a technique that is often useful in many situations, such as panic attacks, depressive or intrusive thoughts. 

What does grounding mean? – Bringing focus on what is happening physically, either in your body or your surroundings. Focusing on reality with grounding techniques can help you feel a release from your anxiety. 

There are specific movements in yoga that can help bring a balance to your emotions and ground you. Here are some examples of grounding yoga positions: 

Seated Cat and Cow

  • Place your hands on your knee, sit up tall, as you exhale, round your back, pulling your abdominals inwards creative a curve of the back, tucking your tailbone under and tucking your chin into your chest.
  • As you inhale, let your belly to move forward, arch your back, look up to the ceiling and push your chest and heart forward. Ensure you relax your jaw and face muscles. 
  • Repeat this as many times as you feel necessary, exhaling back and inhaling forward. Try closing your eyes at the same time, this will help with feeling calmer and relaxed. 


  • Begin on your hands and knees. Allow your thoughts to circle but try and not focus on them. Focus on your breath and calm throughout. 
  • Spread your knees wide apart while keeping your big toes touching. Rest your buttocks on your heels.
  • Sit up straight and lengthen your spine, feel your back stretch tall. 
  • Bow forward, placing your torso between your thighs. Your heart and chest should rest between or on top of your thighs. Allow your forehead to come to the floor.
  • Arms and fingers extended forwards, breathe into the stretch, soften your back and hips and allow tension to drift away whilst you gently close your eyes. 

Garland Pose – Yoga Squat

  • Squat with your feet as close together as possible. Try to keep your heels pressed to the floor, if you can’t do this then you can roll a blanket or some pillows underneath your heals! 
  • Separate your thighs slightly wider than your torso, you can use your elbows to press against your knees. 
  • Bring your palms to together close the hands together Salutation Seal, rest them over your heart in this position. 
  • Keep your eyes close and lengthen through your torso and straighten then spine.
  • Use this moment to breath in deep, feel your breath in your belly and at your own pace, release. 

These are just three yoga poses that you can try in moments of panic or distress. There are so many benefits from yoga.  or to improve flexibility – but it can be a way to remove yourself from any everyday stresses or anxious thoughts. If you’d like you could try out some grounding poses like the ones above and remember; feeling your emotions doesn’t have to be a bad thing – feel them and accept them in your own time,  soon you’ll find your own flow!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post on yoga and mental health. I would like to mention; that this post doesn’t have to be an expectation or standard to meet – sometimes it’s ok just do nothing and it is absolutely always ok to do what YOU want for yourself. Remember to try and give yourself some time and calmness in whatever way works for you. I’d love to know: if you have tried yoga? Does it work for you? If not yoga, how do you like to relax when you can? Thank you for reading this post – if you haven’t been told today, take time for what makes you happy – Love Maria x

Bedroom decor and tips

Bringing relaxation into your room

Elegant small pieces and personalised touches make a huge difference – remember to keep it simple!

Personally, I have spent years trying to get my bedroom to be my place of serenity – trying to make it a relaxing space to spend most of my time in. I’ve gone through a bright pink / blue phase, an all over pink phase, my favourite band posters plastered like wallpaper phase – and much more. A few years ago I started to realise that the clutter and bright colours were not helping me relax at all. For most of us, even those who won’t admit it – relaxation is a must. So I wanted to write a little post about tips I would give for creating your own little relaxing space.

Processed with VO with t1 preset

Shelving and decorative books.

Shelving, for me – is a tidy and stylish way to display things you love and allow yourself to be creative with how you chose to organise your things! I have quite a few shelves in my room and paired with my white painted walls – I think they are super effective. Shelving is a great way to show your personal style and this can be as organised or sporadic as you want! Personally I love decorating my shelving with trinket items, photographs, perfumes, beauty products and potted decorative plants (more on this later in the blog).

It’s not unknown that books are a fantastic way to bring your own personalised touch to a room, and placed effortlessly onto a small shelf – it can look rather stylish. My tip would be not to overwhelm the shelving that you have if you have any) with books – just choose some you know would love great sat next to each other. For my small shelf, you can see I have gone for the beiges and natural colours – nothing too bright or vibrant! This is just my personal style and goes with lots of things I love. You may love vibrancy and if that makes you happy – then go for it!

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

Decorative artificial plants.

As you can see in the picture above, this little decorative plant is such a cute detail for any shelving! I love the glass container holding the sweet succulent! I have many small and dainty decorative plants all around my room and I absolutely love them! Behind it I love to emphasis my fascination with beautiful luxury products like this Chanel perfume, a gift I got for a special birthday! (thank you dad 🙂 x )

Weaved in and out of my shelving I have some string fairy lights with pearl details. These fairy lights suit my room perfectly, but in my opinion – fairy lights of any kind – can do wonderful things! Like I mentioned above, I adore small trinket items, and below I’ve shown a small china teapot I got from a charity shop sitting beautifully on the shelf! These things don’t have to cost a lot, but they can do so much for a room. Plus, it’s the personalisation that makes your room special to you!


I wanted to take a moment at the end of this particular blog post to note how truly valuable moments of relaxation are. I find myself thankful for the ability to decorate my room, paint my walls, buy decorative plants and open my window for a slight breeze to float through the room, smelling the clean sheets and fresh cotton candle harmonise together. And much more. It may be small, but on a post like this – I find it a priority of mine to state not everyone can have these luxuries. No matter how small, I recommend everyone to take note of the luxuries in life. I am thankful for all things around me. I am grateful I can put money into charity shops and truly spend time understanding the importance of gratitude.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my small blog post showing some beauties in my room and also; I hope you’ve enjoyed my words! If you haven’t heard it today – remember to relax 🙂 Thank you for reading. – Love Maria x

Brown, Cream, Beige and more Beige…

Colour palette

This year, I discovered my fascination with the versatile colour beige. This colour is complimentary to most skin tones and I find it works great for me! You’d be surprised how many times I can scroll across multiple websites, click on ‘jumpers’ and filter to only ‘beige’ colours – and not get bored. A comforting colour that signifies elegance and an odd sense of luxury! Not only can it be the star of the show for each outfit – it can also be the beautiful supporting act! Lets look at the colour palette that I adore and use as much as I possibly can!

Beige, Brown, Cream, Gold, Tan

I would really recommend finding a colour palette for you – mine isn’t exactly a fashion revelation – but it works for me! I have found my blonde hair fits in nicely against these colours, I also love adding in a bit of pink – oh, and sparkle of course. My skin has pink undertones and I am porcelain pale so it’s important I don’t wash myself out with bright or dark colours. I have found colours like a dark navy, dark purple or even bright oranges don’t exactly suit me! The colours I am wearing above seem to blend in just right and they make me feel happy! Even if we don’t have the same skin tones, I would definitely say this colour palette is worth a try! My wardrobe is slowly turning into a wonderful array of shades that look so harmonious when next to each other! Big tip from me, would be to seriously look into your own colours that match your personality! – Not that I would describe my personality as beige!

Finding your perfect fall / winter coat ?

Do you like the comforting style of the teddy coats ? Or maybe you love a faux fur style giving you that timeless luxury feel. Combined with finding your own favourite colour palette, the material is important also! As you can see with my coat; I’ve gone for a rusty brown colour in the teddy style. This coat holds in so much warmth without looking oversized and baggy ( not that this is a bad look ! ) For me, the fit of a coat is important! Often, smaller and tighter fitting coats can be thinner, ultimately meaning they’re not practical! That’s why I found the teddy material a perfect go to! Keeping in the warmth but showing style at the same time.  

Scroll down for the links to the clothing items! 

So I had a lot of fun out with my boyfriend walking around the woodland area, the leaves were vibrant with copper tones, warm yellows and rusty browns. Stepping outside the house for that grounding experience is so important as we can forget what the world feels like – I know this myself. Safely people watching and observing the world around you I find really valuable and hopefully this could inspire you to do the same! This doesn’t have to be for a clothing photo shoot , you don’t even need to take any phone/camera or technology at all. Do things without the pressure to be perfect , remember blogs are lovely highlights – not constant expectations. But if you can, in whatever safe form you want – take a moment to step outside.   I hope you enjoyed my blog post on my fall styled outfit ! – Love Maria x

  • Teddy coat – NewLook
  • Beige jumper – NewLook
  • Beige, gold detailed skirt – H&M
  • Grey knot headband – NewLook
  • White cable knit scarf – Peacocks